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Welcome to the website of the Idiots House, a creative collective of idiots who are having fun in Earthium about pigs, tiles, epic megacities and cryptos. Earthium is a real-time strategic game where you can earn money, crypto and NFTs by trading land, finding treasures and building businesses.

From the beginning of time idiots roamed Earthium, aimlessly and alone buying tiles and hunting treasure chests, until one of them came up with the most idiotic idea: Let's start a house, let's start : The Idiots House !

The idiots from all over Earthium gathered in the chuck Norris marina and decided this will be their home, and during this meeting a pig, that escaped the local farmer, ran directly into the meeting room, crashed into the meeting table headfirst, and was instantly dead, without suffering. And one of the idiots exclaimed “dinner is here”.

The meeting was stopped until the pig was neatly turning above the fire, and when it continued idiots decided that such brave animal must be forever remembered so it became the symbol of the house.

Using a referral code gains you and the owner of the code you are using both a 5% cashback on tiles directly purchased from Earthium.io. Using a general code, mostly given in the discord group or through email, gives you a 10-25% extra credits when you add money to your account.

Feel free to use our members code to get you your 5% cashback

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The next opening will be on April 9th at 3, 4 & 5pm GMT. This includes at least Hawai, Alaska & Tahiti. 


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