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Using a referral code gains you and the owner of the code you are using both a 5% cashback on tiles directly purchased from Earthium.io. Using a general code, mostly given in the discord group or through email, gives you a 10-25% extra credits when you add money to your account.

Feel free to use our members code to get you your 5% cashback

Badger: opldjzjzj
Bishop: Vxd89527r
Croqueta: Q306vYCJ
FuRiBa: dpmiebvht
gnjusni-mesojed: E2xuiEH
Odizzy: xpSI42Uv
schocka144: q20563ZEDrH
The Doc: Z8YJaGkP
Timo Daehlie: HC923uhBS
Vitchge: Z37vcP


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